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We offer online and live training for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives including the Digital Launch Blueprint, Doctors Business Academy, the Live the Soul Academy, and the Creator Mastermind.

We work with a select number of clients offering a full-service digital platform with a specialty in membership sites, as well as online programs & virtual summits.

We offer high-growth organizations and corporations personalized training and consulting that can lead to long-term relationships and partnerships.

The Power of Presence with Eckhart Tolle

Servant Leadership Online Training Summit with Ken Blanchard

Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference

Genius U with Roger James Hamilton

We believe in the power of business and entrepreneurship to change the consciousness of humanity; in the ongoing quest to care for customers through innovation of products, services and technology; And in the resolve to serve life through our work, recognizing we are all connected.

We believe each individual has a higher purpose that speaks through whispers, dreams and inspirations; That each one of us is here on this planet at this time for a purpose and reason; And that businesses are a collection of souls expressing the collective consciousness of humanity.

We believe in aligning with those we serve to create a field of profit and prosperity. We believe in dreaming big and taking action; And in going beyond where we are now to create the future we imagine.


We are Conscious Marketers.

Digital Strategy

With over 100 launches and 10+ years in digital marketing we understand how to build and create 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses.

Authority and Email List Building

We are experts at building authority and email lists. The value of any brand and digital business is directly related to the authority it has in the marketplace and the size and quality of the email list.

Social Media and Advertising

Social media sites such as Facebook remain the single best source of new leads and targeted advertising. These build your new customer base and also serve and communicate with your existing customers. We run significant lead and quiz funnels, using these sites for building your audience and community.

Product Launches and Sales Conversions

There are dozens of different types of sales funnels and many different types of product launch styles. We help you understand what and how to implement, to have the best chance of success on your project and launch.

Client Retention, Referral and Repeat Sales

We value and serve our clients to the highest degree. As a result, we always strive for the highest quality launches and services. Our aim is to continue to serve our clients for the long term, leading to high retention and referrals, for both us and our clients.

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